W. Bill Classic Coating | Bunch No. 122WB/19


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W. Bill's Classic Coating collection covers all bases. There are  solids and patterns; fabric designs geared towards both formal and casual attire aplenty. There are even 12 cashmere colourways. It is therefore a bunch that should always be viewed when considering a new coat.

The real interest for John Goodwin lies in the bolder designs which you cannot find elsewhere. The bold herringbone is particularly strong and there are a number of good colourways here.

Consider using these fabrics on our Black Label patterns for the best value. Here, in recent years, the Ulster pattern has been the runaway success for a weekend coat - many of these fabrics are perfectly matched for this pattern. 


  • 100% Cashmere
  • 100% Wool
  • 100% Lambswool
    Fabric & Lining Library
    Every garment John Goodwin makes uses a library of around three thousand fabrics and linings. This whole library is available to browse at the Atelier and a curation can be viewed online.
    Each bunch contains around fifty fabrics or linings. On this page a selection from the bunch is displayed. 
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