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.Browse all the Looks we show on our website as well as our PinterestInstagram and Facebook pages.  

Tell us what you like and we’ll then make that Look for you.


Each Look is shown in one of three Collections

Work | Looks to wear for business

Play | Looks for the weekend or when not at work

Hooray | Looks for special occasions and celebrations

As well as one of three Groups

Theirs | Looks from around the world that have inspired us

Ours | Looks at John Goodwin we have designed and made for ourselves

Yours | Looks we have designed and made for our clients



And using both Personal Tailoring & Ready-to-Wear

Personal Tailoring | Tailored garments that take a few weeks to make 

Ready-to-Wear | Garments ready to deliver now


How we’ll work with you

Discover & Design
We provide this first step online.
On our social media sites and apps like Zoom, Google Meet and WhatsApp we’ll share Looks with you. When you find one you like we’ll replicate its design.
We provide this second step in person.
Our Visiting Tailor will meet with you for the fitting and this usually takes an hour or two, depending on the number of garments we will be making.
We then work behind the scenes with our tailoring partners to make your garments. We follow up a few weeks later with a second fitting, some further tailoring and then the third and last meeting to confirm everything is complete. This whole process takes around 6 to 8 weeks.
For Ready-to-Wear garments we will deliver these by courier, or in-person along with your tailored garments if you prefer.

Grey's Club

To receive 10% extra at no cost, join Grey’s Club.
Pay a set amount each month to spend on Personal Tailoring and Ready-to-Wear. We’ll then increase this credit for you by 10% for no extra charge.

The Visiting Tailor usually meets with Grey’s Club members twice a year. He will spend extra time with you designing your Look and give you greater insight into the latest trends. You will also be able to browse in-person the new Ready-to-Wear range of Knitwear, Shoes and Socks as well as the new range of Personal Tailoring Sportswear: Jackets, Trousers, Jeans and Raincoats, which are available to Grey's Club members at reduced prices.

Members receive a complimentary tailored shirt when they join and every season a Gift Card worth £195 to give to a friend.
More information on Grey’s Club including links to set up your membership.

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