How We Work

We will design and make any Look you want

If you already have a Look in mind, contact us and we’ll start designing it for you. But if you first need inspiration, discover some our favourite Looks online.


Tip: the Looks are spread over three boards 
Theirs, Ours and Yours.


If you like what you find, contact us and we'll share with you more Looks from specialised collections. Then liaising with you either online or in person to learn which are your favourites, we'll replicate any Look for youWhen complete your Look will include your Pattern, Fabric, Lining and Styling choices. 

This process of discovery and design is flexible, so whether the ideas for your next Look are advanced or barely beginning, we will adjust to you. All steps up to the First Fitting can be delivered online, on our social media sites and apps like Zoom, Google Meet and WhatsApp, however, if you prefer face-to-face we will meet at your home or office. 



At the First Fitting everything is given one final check and the measuring takes place.

The clothing will then be made by our tailoring partners. Following this there will be a Second Fitting, then further work by our tailors and lastly the Third Fitting. This usually concludes the making and the clothes are then ready to take home. The whole process from First to Third takes around 6 to 8 weeks.


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