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John Goodwin provides sartorial inspiration for men, creating beautifully made & impeccably styled Tailored and Ready-to-Wear clothing

How We Work

Choose the services right for you, from the direct Ready-to-Wear to the highly personal Tailoring.  

Buy Online, Ready-to-Wear

For a straightforward add-to-cart buying experience, browse and buy the garments as you see them on our website. They are then couriered to you, ready to wear. 

Buy In-Person, Tailoring

A full tailoring experience, this route offers the highest level of fabric and styling options. We follow our Discover, Design & Make process, meeting first online then in-person at your home or office.  

Tailoring - How we’ll work with you


Starting with a half hour video call we introduce our service, how we use Looks to provide sartorial inspiration for you, then design and make any Look you want. It is also an opportunity to discuss your ideas and answer all your questions.

If you would like to book this introduction you can do this here.

Discover, Design & Make

Following this introduction we start with Discover. Gathering and sharing Looks with you online we discuss which ones you like most and using this as inspiration then Design your Look.

Once we have moved the Design forwards we then visit you at your home, bringing all the relevant fabrics, samples and patterns to confirm your selections then measure you for the garments we will be making.


Usually taking around 6 to 8 weeks, we keep you updated with its progress and, when ready arrange to meet you again for a second fitting. If you are also ordering Ready-To-Wear garments, we may have couriered these to you before this point.

Second Fitting & Delivery

An opportunity to try your garments on for the first time. Often at this stage the garments are complete, however, if they would benefit from any adjusting we carry this out and then return for a final visit. Around this time we also advise how to take care of your garments.


Each garment we make is priced individually and this is confirmed during Design. More information on this including the staggered payments during Discover, Design & Make can be found here.  


More on Discover, Design & Make  

Use Looks for Inspiration 

We draw inspiration from all over the world and share what we find in three collections.

THEIR LOOKS which inspire us daily | OUR LOOKS the samples we show in appointments | YOUR LOOKS previous designs for clients.  

We show these Looks on our websitePinterestInstagram and Facebook pages. 

Work, Play & Hooray

Each Look has a natural home and can be found in one of three further collections. 
WORK for business, PLAY for weekend, HOORAY for celebrations.


Definitions of Ready-to-Wear and Tailored

Garments made to standard sizing and styling, as shown online, delivered from our stock or in some cases made to order.

Garments designed in any fabric and style you choose, tailored to your
measurements and made to order.



John Goodwin provides sartorial inspiration from round the world. Keeping a close watch on all the major fashion capitals, we bring to you on social media the best of all Looks.

We add our favourites to Pinterest and invite you to take a look. If you like to browse this way we’ll share more with you from private boards. 


From Their Looks (clockwise from top left)

Massimiliano Donnarumma

Massimiliano Donnarumma wearing a peak lapel taupe brown jacket in wool, silk and linen in a blue ‘self-design’ shirt. A summer occasion Look which could also be worn for business depending on the industry. Soft blue and light brown colours look great together. 

Adriano Dirnelli

Man with club stripe tie wearing a Look for the summer circuit. Three button, notch lapel jacket using a plaid check, worn with white cotton trousers, white semi cutaway shirt and finished with a maroon club stripe tie and pilot’s case. 


Man wearing coat with upturned collar. A navy blue jacket worn under a light weight silver grey coat with an american tab button down shirt with grey bengal stripe, finished with textured solid grey tie. We like how the grey coat ties in with the shirt and tie. The pairing with navy blue works well too.


Man leaning on wall wearing a taupe colored cotton suit with plain fronted trousers  with belt loops with a blue shirt and pochette. A Look for summer receptions and weddings. We love the colour combination and the inherent ‘coolness’ of this cotton suit.


Various global fashion houses partner with the same tailoring companies John Goodwin does because of their versatility - they make virtually any design. Compared to many bespoke tailors with a narrower design portfolio we have far more opportunities in terms styling.


From Our Looks

Clockwise from top left

Look 18703 Blue Velvet Smoking Jacket, Orange Roll Neck Knit & Grey Trousers
Look 19181 Turquoise Suit, Floral Shirt & Brown Textured Tie
Look 19180 Navy Blue Seersucker Jacket, Burgundy Red Trousers & Lilac Checked Shirt
Look 19877 Brown Needlecord Jacket, Grey Woollen Spun Trousers & Blue/Brown Small Check Shirt


We have chosen our Tailoring and Ready-to-Wear partners not only for their ability to make any design but because they make them so well. Each with a long history in tailoring, there is an strong emphasis on providing quality and longevity. Fast fashion, this is not.




John Goodwin designs and makes garments for work, the weekend and special occasions. Tailored & Ready-to-Wear suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats, overcoats and shirts; Ready-to-Wear knitwear, shoes, ties, socks, jeans, casual trousers and jackets and raincoats.

For our fabrics, we partner with world renowned textile companies including Loro Piana, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Dugdale and Harrisons. A curation of these fabrics are available in the Fabric Library. 

Every tailored garment is cut and made for the client. To show the client the look and feel of the garments we use a selection on samples and 'try-ons'. We also use these when taking measurements.

We use various Patterns when designing and making our garments. For jacketing we have our SartorialSoft and Super Soft Patterns and each on is available on our two labels - White Label and Black Label. Descriptions of each of the Patterns can be found on the Styling page.





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Grey's Club

To receive 10% off, there's Grey’s Club.

Pay a set amount each month to spend on Tailoring and Ready-to-Wear. We’ll then increase this credit for you by 10% for free.

Members receive a complimentary tailored shirt when they join and permanent access to price promotions on shirts, knitwear and shoes. Also, at the end of every season a Gift Card worth £225 to give to a friend.

More information on Grey’s Club including links to set up your membership.


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