Bunch No. 655 
High Tenacity by Loro Piana 

There are fabric bunches in Personal Tailoring selected not only for their beauty but their ability to last - when other fabrics have given up, these keep going.

These ‘performance’ fabrics, like Loro Piana’s High Tenacity bunch, are resilient, durable and particularly well suited to an active lifestyle such as travel and business. The strong New Zealand wool used in High Tenacity is tightly woven to give superior tensile strength and tearing resistance. 

A few of the fabrics from High Tenacity bunch are pictured below.

Fabric No. 655001


Fabric No. 655030


Fabric No. 655015


Fabric No. 655004


Loro Piana has applied special treatments to the some of the fabrics from High Tenacity to protect them (and you) from rain, wind, dust, and dirt. 

Fabric No. 655049, 655050, 655051


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