Grey's Club



Choose your monthly subscription below. This is converted into credit on your account plus a complimentary 10% which you can redeem whenever you like on Tailoring and Ready-to-Wear.

In addition to this, you receive a complimentary shirt when you join and a £ 245 Gift Card every season to give to a friend.



Four Options
Option Monthly Subscription
10% Credit
Total Credit
Available to Spend
Set-up Account
a £ 100 £ 10 £ 110 CC / DD / SO
b £ 150 £ 15 £ 165 CCDD / SO
c £ 200 £ 20 £ 220 CCDD / SO
d £ 250 £ 25 £ 275 CCDD / SO


To join Grey's Club choose one of the four options above and your preferred method of payment - Credit Card (CC), Direct Debit (DD) or Standing Order (SO). Within a week of receiving your first payment we will send an email welcoming you to Grey's Club.

We will send you a statement of your account each month showing the balance of your available credit which you can redeem on any Tailoring and Ready-to-Wear clothing.

You can cancel at any time. Terms and conditions are available here. For further information on Grey's Club please contact us

Thank you for joining Grey's Club and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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