Grey's Club Direct Debit Received

Thank you.

Your Direct Debit has been set up with our payment provider, GoCardless, who will send you a confirmation email within the next few hours.

John Goodwin will also send you an email within a week of your first payment welcoming you to Grey's Club. If you have any questions in the meantime please contact us at or 0333 050 2850. Alternatively, refer to the terms & conditions



 Welcome to Grey’s Club

Welcome and thank you for joining Grey's Club.

Now you are a member, we will keep a record of all your payments and then twice a year, in June and December send you a statement showing the total credit on your account including the extra 10%, added with our compliments. We will also send a free Gift Card worth £ 245 to give to a friend. 

It is optional but if you would like to make a one off payment now to cover this season's previous months, please see below. 

Thank you again for joining Grey's Club and we look forward to seeing you soon.

John Goodwin



Optional Extra Payment when you join Grey's Club

When you join you have the option to make a one-off payment to cover any of the previous months in the current season. To do this, count back the months to July or January (whichever comes first) and multiply by your monthly subscription amount.

For example, you choose monthly payments of £ 150, commencing in November. Count four months back to July: 4 x 150 = £ 600.

We will add this payment to your Grey's Club account and this will be included in the 10% extra credit you receive. Payments can be made by bank transfer using your internet banking or online using this link.