Grey's Club Direct Debit Received

Thank you. Your Direct Debit has been set up with our payment partner GoCardless and you will receive an email confirming this within the next few hours .

You will also receive a welcome email from Grey's Club over the next few days explaining all the Club benefits. 

If any of these emails do not arrive in your inbox please contact us at or 0333 050 3150.

Thank you again for joining Grey's Club and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Optional Extra Payment when you join Grey's Club

If you are joining part way through a season, there is an option to make an additional one-off payment at the start of your membership to cover some or all previous months in the current season. The seasons commence July for Autumn/Winter, and January for Spring/Summer.

If you wish to do this just make a one-off payment now and we will add this payment to your account. All money received will be eligible for the 10% extra credit.

Full Terms & Conditions available here