Grey's Club Terms & Conditions

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July 2022 


Grey’s Club Seasons

  1. A Greys Club ‘Season’ occurs twice a calendar year. The first is January to June (Spring Summer) and the second is July to December (Autumn Winter).


  1. ‘Grey's Club Membership’ is renewed each calendar month, confirmed when the ‘Member’ pays a fixed recurring ‘Grey’s Club Membership Invoice’, also referred to as ‘Grey’s Club Subscription Invoice’. 
  2. The ‘Grey’s Club Membership Invoice’ is emailed to the ‘Member’ on either the 1st or the 15th day of each calendar month.
  3. Money paid to the ‘Grey’s Club Membership Invoice’ is recorded in the ‘Member’s’ account as ‘Grey’s Club Active Credit’, also referred to as ‘Grey’s Club Available Credit’. John Goodwin increases the ‘Grey’s Club Active Credit’ on the ‘Member’s account by 10% for no further charge. For example, a 'Member’ pays £ 100 in a ‘Grey's Club Membership Invoice’ in any given month; the amount of ‘Grey's Club Active Credit’ is recorded on his account as £ 110. 
  4. All 'Grey’s Club Membership Invoices' should be paid by the end of the fourth day following the invoice date, that is either the fifth (5th) or nineteenth (19th) of each month. 
  5. ‘Grey’s Club Membership Invoices’ can be paid by Direct Debit, Standing Order, or Credit/Debit Card. The ‘Member’ chooses his preferred method of payment. Links to set up these payments can be found here.
    1. Direct Debits are always set to the 1st day of each calendar month. Due to the nature of the Direct Debit scheme, payments are charged three working days following this. Payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee, which is available to read when setting up the Direct Debit. The Direct Debits payment service for Grey’s Club is provided by GoCardless. Further information on the Direct Debit service can be found on the GoCardless website.
    2. For Standing Orders, the ‘Member’ should pay Sort-Code 04-00-04, Account No. 02277150, using “Grey’s Club 'Membership” or “Grey’s Club” as a reference.
    3. For Credit/Debit Cards, information on how to pay is included in the ‘Grey’s Club Membership Invoice’.
  6. If joining part way through a season the ‘Member’ has the option to make an additional one-off payment to cover some or all previous months for the current six-month season (commencing 1st July for Autumn/Winter or 1st January for Spring/Summer). All money paid is eligible for the 10% extra credit. Further information on how to do this can be found here under ‘Optional one-off extra payment when you join Grey's Club’.
  7. The ‘Member’ can adjust the fixed amount he pays each month to increments of £ 50. The minimum monthly limit is £ 100 and the maximum monthly limit is £ 250. If the ‘Member’ wishes to change the amount he pays he should contact John Goodwin to advise of the change, and:-
    1. For Direct Debits: cancel the existing Direct Debit and set up a new one for the new amount.
    2. For Standing Orders: update his Standing Order to the new amount.
    3. For Credit/Debit Card payments: nothing. (Once John Goodwin has been advised by the ‘Member’ he wishes to change the amount he pays John Goodwin will update all future ‘Grey’s Club Membership Invoices’  to the new amount requested.)  
  8. Payments made to ‘Grey’s Club Membership Invoices’ are non-refundable.

Redeeming Active Credit

  1. This ‘Active Credit’ can be redeemed by the ‘Member’ on any date following payment, up to and including its expiry date, in return for products and services provided by John Goodwin.
  2. Grey’s Club Credit can be redeemed on any John Goodwin Tailoring & Ready-to-Wear clothing. The following items are excluded: Alterations; Gift Cards.
  3. Grey’s Club Credit can be used as deposit payments. Usual deposit terms and conditions apply.
  4. Grey’s Club Credit can be combined with other discounts, promotions, and credit unless otherwise stated.
  5. Items purchased using Grey’s Club Credit are subject to the same Refund Terms & Conditions. Refunds, however, on such purchases will be given in credit, not cash and available for one year thereafter.

Joining Grey’s Club

  1. When joining Grey’s Club, the 'Member’ receives one free Tailoring shirt free of charge to the value of £ 245. If the ‘Member’ wishes to order a shirt of a higher value the difference in price will become payable by the ‘Member’.

Account Statements

  1. Every six months, around 1st July and 1st January, the 'Member’ receives a summary of his Grey’s Club Account which includes a link to download and view his ‘Grey’s Club Account Statement’ in a pdf file format. The link to download and view his ‘Grey’s Club Account Statement’ is also included in every ‘Grey’s Club Membership Invoice’.  
  2. The ‘Grey’s Club Account Statement’ itemises ‘Membership Invoices', the ‘Active Credit’ applied to the ‘Member’s’ account, ‘Active Credit’ redeemed by the ‘Member’ and his current 'Active Credit’.

Expiring Active Credit

  1. ‘Grey's Club Active Credit’ is held on the 'Member's’ account for a maximum of 36 months. The 'Member' can redeem any part of his ‘Active Credit’ at any point during this period. 
  2. If the ‘Member’s’ ‘Active Credit’ remains unredeemed by the start of the 36th month, we will email and/or telephone the 'Member’ requesting the ‘Active Credit’ that is due to expire at the end of the 36th month is redeemed by the end of the 36th month. If we do not hear back after reasonable efforts have been made we may cancel the expiring ‘Active Credit’ no sooner than the end of the 36th month. 

‘Grey’s Club Gift Card For A Friend’

  1. For each completed ‘Season’ as a ‘Grey’s Club 'Member’, the 'Member’ will be sent by post (in July and January) one complimentary ‘Grey’s Club Gift Card For A Friend’, currently worth £ 245, to give away to a ‘Friend’. 
  2. For the ‘Member’s reference, we recommend making a digital copy of the Gift Card upon receipt, e.g. a photograph or scan using a smartphone.
  3. The ‘Grey’s Club Gift Card For A Friend’ is valid for 12 months from date of issue, which is either 30th June or 31st December, depending on which ‘Season’ it relates to. The Gift Card expiration date cannot be extended. 
  4. For the ‘Member’s ‘Friend’ to redeem their ‘Gift Card For a Friend’, they have to provide John Goodwin with the original ‘Gift Card For A Friend’ before its expiry date, and in return John Goodwin will provide services and make them one White Label Tailoring Shirt worth £ 245, for free. No other purchase is necessary.
  5. Each ‘Gift Card For a Friend’ is serialised and once it has been redeemed no other copies of the ‘Gift Card’ will be accepted; 
  6. A ‘Friend’ can redeem a maximum of one ‘Grey’s Club Gift Card For A Friend’ every 12 months, regardless of its source.
  7. John Goodwin reserves the right to cancel any ‘Grey’s Club Gift Card For A Friend’ in circulation at any time. 


  1. The 'Member’ can cancel his 'Membership’ at any time. Cancelled 'Membership comes into effect immediately.
  2. When 'Membership' is cancelled all ‘Active Grey’s Club Credit’ remains in place and can be redeemed by the ‘Member’ on any date up to and including its expiry date. 
  3. If 'Membership' is cancelled within the first six months of 'Membership' commencing the 'Active Credit' will be reduced by the retail price of the complimentary shirt issued at the start of his 'Membership'.
  4. If the ‘Member’ wishes to cancel his 'Membership', please notify John Goodwin by email and cancel future payments.

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