Grey's Club Terms & Conditions

February 2022
  1. Grey's Club members pay a fixed monthly subscription. All money paid via this subscription is recorded in their account as credit to redeem at a later date. John Goodwin increases this credit by 10% for no extra charge. Available credit is referred to as “Grey’s Club Credit”. For example, a member pays £100 into Grey's Club. The amount of Grey's Club Credit recorded on their account is £110.
  2. Every month the subscription invoice is sent to members by email which can be paid by credit/debit card, or Standing Order, or Direct Debit. This invoice includes a link to view their account statement.  
  3. Every six months, around 1st July and 1st January, members receive a summary of their account status which also includes a link to view their account statement.
  4. Grey's Club Credit is held on the member's account for a maximum of 36 months. Members can redeem any part of this available ('active') credit at any point during this period. 
  5. In the unlikely event we do not hear from the member by the beginning of the 36th month following the oldest active credit, we will write to the member requesting this part of his credit (due to expire at the end of the 36th month) is redeemed at his earliest convenience. If we do not hear back after reasonable efforts have been made we may cancel the expiring credit no sooner than the end of the 36th month. 
  6. Every six months, around 1st July and 1st January, each member receives one free Gift Card (currently worth £225) to give away to a friend. The Gift Card is valid for 12 months.
  7. When joining, each member receives one free Tailoring shirt free of charge. The value of this shirt is currently £225.
  8. Members can cancel membership at any time. Cancelled membership comes into effect immediately.
  9. When a membership is cancelled all unused Grey’s Club Credit remains available per points 4 & 5.
  10. If membership is cancelled within the first six months of membership the Credit will be reduced by the price of the complimentary shirt received at the start of membership.
  11. All money paid into Grey’s Club is non-refundable.
  12. If you wish to cancel your membership, please notify us by email or letter and cancel your future payments.
  13. It is possible to adjust the amount you pay per month to increments of £50. The minimum monthly limit is £100 and the maximum monthly limit is £250. If you wish to change the amount you pay please contact us.
  14. All payments should be made on either the first or fifteenth of each month via Direct Debit, Standing Order or Credit/Debit Card. For Standing Orders, please pay Account 02277150 Sort code 04-00-04, using “Grey’s Club Membership” or “Grey’s Club” as a reference. More information on Direct Debits can be found at the bottom of this page. 
  15. If joining part way through a season you are free to make an additional one-off payment to cover some or all previous months for the current six-month season (commencing 1st July for Autumn/Winter or 1st January for Spring/Summer). All money paid is eligible for the 10% extra credit.
  16. Grey’s Club Credit can be redeemed on any John Goodwin Tailoring & Ready-to-Wear clothing. The following items are excluded: Alterations; Gift Card.
  17. Grey’s Club Credit can be used as deposit payments. Usual deposit terms and conditions apply.
  18. Grey’s Club Credit can be combined with other discounts, promotions, and credit unless otherwise stated.
  19. Items purchased using Grey’s Club Credit is subject to the same Refund Terms & Conditions. Refunds, however, on such purchases will be given in credit, not cash and available for one year thereafter.

The Direct Debits payment service is provided by GoCardless. Your payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee, which is available to read when setting up the Direct Debit. Further information on the Direct Debit service can be found on the GoCardless website.

Links to set up Direct Debits, Standing Orders and Credit/Debit Card payments can be found here.

Thank you.