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Personal Tailoring usually consists of three appointments:

  1. Presentation/ 1st Fitting;
  2. 2nd Fitting;
  3. 3rd Fitting (Collection).

The whole process from start to finish varies depending on factors including garment type, fabric choice and time of year however, as a guide John Goodwin aims to deliver the finished garment in 10 weeks or less.

Presentation/ 1st Fitting (2 hours or 30 minutes)

The first appointment is time for the presentation and, if requested the first fitting using a 'try-on' garment. This garment is used as a starting point for the one that will be made for you. Normally this appointment takes up to two hours - enough time for both the presentation and the first fitting.

There is an option for a 'fast' service which can be as quick as half an hour. This is only available to those who have had John Goodwin garments made previously due to intricacy of the first garment. The fast service does not allow time for any presentation in the appointment decisions including fabric and styling are therefore needed prior to the appointment. This is usually done via phone, email or video calls before the appointment.

2nd Fitting (1 hour)

The 2nd fitting is the point when your garment can be tried for the first time. Usually, some finishing work is required to improve the fit further - work which will be carried out with one our tailors.  

The time between the 1st and 2nd fittings varies depending on the garment but usually, it is not more than 8 weeks.  

3rd Fitting (Collection) (30 minutes)

The 3rd fitting is the next and usually last review to check the most recent work. At this point the garment's usually ready to take home, however, further work is occasionally required in which case this appointment will be repeated once the work has been completed.

The time between the 2nd and 3rd fittings varies depending on the garment - it is usually about 1 week, however, can be as little as a few hours if required. 

Further information on the Personal Tailoring process can be seen on Stages page.


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