Personal Tailoring

Bespoke, it's not.

More so than Bespoke, our Personal Tailoring provides sartorial inspiration from all over the world. Our focus is to research all the major fashion capitals, bringing to you on social media the best of all Looks in current and upcoming seasons.

Our approach is not restricted because unlike Bespoke, our clothing is made in partnership with various tailoring companies who make garments for the major fashion houses, who themselves are setting the global trends. John Goodwin therefore does not have a house style per se, instead our style offering is diverse, evolving and global.


We use Looks as inspiration when designing a Look for you. This process of discovery and design is at the heart of Personal Tailoring and differs significantly from more conventional clothes shopping.

The Looks are split into three.

Their Looks

THEIR LOOKS are Looks from around the world that have inspired us here at John Goodwin, influencing our way of thinking about clothes. Discussing with you which of these you like also helps us when designing Looks to match your style.


Our Looks

OUR LOOKS are just a few examples of the Looks that we have made for ourselves here at John Goodwin and in our opinion some of the strongest. We keep online only a few of the most recent.

Like THEIR LOOKS, use these as inspiration for your next Look.  



    Your Looks

    YOUR LOOKS are just a few of the Looks that we have made for our clients. Use these Looks as further inspiration for your next Look. 



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