If you are new to John Goodwin, book a thirty minute Introduction to Discover, Design & Make to learn how we use Looks from around the world to provide sartorial inspiration for you, then design and make any Look you want. 

Following the introduction, to start Discover & Design a £ 100 deposit is requested, however, this is deducted from your final Make invoice.

When Discover & Design has concluded, to proceed to Make, a 50% deposit is requested with the balance due at the end of Make when we deliver your garments to you.

Make Prices

For your first order, you will receive £ 100 off the Make price (minimum value £ 1,095). If you refer a friend at the same time, however, this increases to £ 200 for the both of you. 

Garments are priced individually and this is confirmed prior to Make. All prices include VAT. Terms & Conditions.

Garment Ready-to-Wear 
prices from
prices from
Suit (Two-piece) £ 895 £ 1,095
Jacket £ 695 £ 745
Trousers £ 295 £ 475
Waistcoat £ 245 £ 295
Shirt £ 195 £ 245
Overcoat £ 995 £ 1,225
Knitwear £ 145 £ n/a
Shoes £ 350 £ n/a
Tie £ 89 £ 195


All garments include a choice of house linings, however, a wider selection of non-house linings are available and these are priced separately.

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