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Look No. 15131 From City to Countryside

Impeccably styled and beautifully made suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats, overcoats and shirts

What you get

  1. John Goodwin tailor

    John Goodwin’s tailor, Dan Jessey has worked in men's fashion for twenty years, working first with his father who himself joined John Goodwin in 1965. Now Dan uses all his experience and knowledge to provide you with some of the finest tailored garments in the world.

  2. Insights and access to latest trends and finest cloths

    Understanding trends is key to good styling. John Goodwin shows you the latest trends introducing you to new ideas so you can look your best. The cloths John Goodwin selects are some of the finest the world has to offer using mills from England, Scotland and Italy.

  3. High quality tailored garment

    There’s a multitude of ways to produce a tailored garment. Some claim to provide quality but the price often tells a different story. John Goodwin aims for true quality. Our two labels, White and Black both represent very high quality. White is “half-canvassed” - partially handmade, and Black is “fully-canvassed” - predominantly handmade. As a general rule, more work by hand increases the price

  4. Garment care advice and access to an alterations service

    We want you to own a garment which lasts. The quality in the product is the first requirement. The second is to show you how to look after the garment correctly. Thirdly, we will adjust the garment, as far as it can be, over the course of its life should it be required.

Look No. 15136 Winter Patches

Why Personal Tailoring?


    Personal Tailoring provides sartorial inspiration introducing you to new ideas and the latest trends. John Goodwin is constantly looking at what is popular in all corners of the tailoring world and incorporating them into the clothes it produces.


      The number of fabrics available make Personal Tailoring one of the richest experiences in terms of choice. Coupled with all the various styles available John Goodwin can make a garment that is uniquely yours.  


        John Goodwin has practiced Personal Tailoring for years refining a highly skilled process. The work behind the scenes is complex but we aim to provide you a journey from start to finish that is simple and efficient.


          Both the materials and the processes used in Personal Tailoring to create the garment are some the highest possible anywhere. Beautifully Made.


            Personal Tailoring is about looking and feeling good. It’s a versatile service that caters for a plethora of tastes. Impeccably Styled.


              Personal Tailoring partners with the world’s best tailors and brings their expertise, and ours to you. We work very closely with our Italian and British partners, using traditional techniques to produce quality garments.


                The varying degrees of quality in the market is vast. Personal Tailoring provides a high quality and high value product.


                Read the stages of Personal Tailoring here.

                Ask Us a Question

                Do you have any questions about Personal Tailoring or any of our services? Just phone 01753 866116 or email tailoring@johngoodwin.clothing 

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