Holland & Sherry Oceania | Bunch No. 1916


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Holland & Sherry's Oceania bunch is a diverse collection of contemporary summer jacketing; many of which possess interesting fabric compositions. The use of polyamide in many of the fabrics creates a distinctive feel both physically and visually. These fabrics are great for our soft and super soft patterns. To make something avant garde we would style here as a double breasted and use patch pockets.


Fabric 1619966 features in ***Check Link & Name*** 


  • Assorted & Extensive
    Fabric & Lining Library
    Every garment John Goodwin makes uses a library of around three thousand fabrics and linings. This whole library is available to browse at the Atelier and a curation can be viewed online.
    Each bunch contains around fifty fabrics or linings. On this page a selection from the bunch is displayed. 

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