Scabal Finest Jacketing | Bunch No. 2450

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Sometimes it pays to play it straight. Includes classic designs such as herringbone, glen check, hound's tooth and hop-sack. All finished in hues of greys and rusts. The collection is made up of ranging in weight from 200 to 450 grams /m.

  • 802591-802594 90% Wool, 10% Cashmere
  • 802595-802610 100% Wool
  • 802611-802612 95% Lambswool, 5% Cashmere
  • 802613-802629 100% Wool
  • 802630-802642 95% Lambswool, 5% Cashmere
  • 802643-802646 80% Wool 20%, Cashmere
  • 802647--802649 100% Wool

Fabric & Lining Library

Every garment John Goodwin makes uses a library of around three thousand fabrics and linings. This whole library is available to browse at the Atelier and a small selection is available to view online.

Each bunch contains around fifty fabrics or linings. On this page a selection from the bunch is displayed. 

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