W. Bill Vintage Shetland


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W. Bill's Vintage Shetland bunch is a tight selection of 15 tweed fabrics -  6 of which we think are sensational and ideal for casual jacketing. Shetland tweed originally derives from the sheep from the isles of the same name. The wool from this sheep is exceptionally fine with a soft, delicate and a slightly shaggy finish.

As with all tweed, though some may argue otherwise, at 390g these fabrics are better suited to cooler climes. 


  • 100% Wool
    Fabric & Lining Library
    Every garment John Goodwin makes uses a library of around three thousand fabrics and linings. This whole library is available to browse at the Atelier and a curation can be viewed online.
    Each bunch contains around fifty fabrics or linings. On this page a selection from the bunch is displayed. 

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